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April 18, 2014

JS Designs ~ Bringing your Visions to Life – through Website Design

Marketing isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon, and it helps to have a coach to help guide you if it is an unfamiliar sport. Jeffery Shirley, of JS Designs, wants to help your business succeed. In our growing age of technology one of the most essential marketing tools is a well designed website, it is not only important to have a website for your business to thrive, it is crucial.

According to research conducted by one of the leading marketing agencies, Hubspot, approximately 78% of internet users conduct research online before they consider making a transaction. Think about your own purchasing habits and how you pre-qualify the businesses you work with. If you are in need of a new roof you are probably not going to drive around and choose the first contractor you find. You are much more likely to do some research first. You will probably consult with friends and neighbors to see if they have recommendations. You may look through local publications and see if you find interesting offers and then there is a good chance you will investigate further online. Some will skip step one and two and jump straight on the computer to find out who is in their area, compare their experience level, examine the quality of their work, see who will fit into their budget and any other important factors in their decision making process. We do this with large purchases and small ones.

Living on the coast many people do a large part of their shopping online and are unaware of many of their local options. They either don’t want to run around in stormy weather or simply don’t think they will find what they need in our rural community. As a result, if your business isn’t online you are missing out on this research process and you are invisible to many of your potential customers.

It is equally important that your online presence represents you and your business properly, allowing online visitors to get a “feel” for your company that conveys what you have to offer clearly and easily. You want online visitors to have a pleasant experience when visiting your website that encourages them to become customers, to come back, to tell their friends and entice them to visit you in person if applicable. This means you want your site to be user friendly, easy to navigate, professional and visually appealing. It’s not difficult to get a great website anymore. In fact, there are many inexpensive options at your disposal. JS Designs uses WordPress websites, which are far and away the leaders in open source content-management systems, meaning “free and easy to use software” and are used by The Wall Street Journal, Times Magazine, CNN, Forbes, CBS… and more. The best part about using WordPress is that it’s relatively simple for the novice. A business owner can get as involved as they want to be. After their website is built for them some customers choose to receive some simple training and are able to take over all the updates and changes themselves, others choose to have JS Designs maintain and promote it for a low monthly fee.

So, whether you’re starting a new business, growing or expanding an established one, need a brand new website, want a face lift for your current one or someone to maintain and help you promote it Jeffery Shirley, owner of JS Designs understands these needs and his passion is bringing your visions to life.

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